environmental art & research project + book
produced with the assistance of an AI

by Nejc Trampuž

AI-based multimedia art and research project Another Future Entirely by artist Nejc Trampuž offers a refreshing approach to environmental awareness by presenting a brighter, sustainable future and social justice. It includes an audiovisual projection of dialogs and an anthology of short fiction stories.

What could a more ecological society actually look like? What should our values be? Should we get rid of capitalism? Is technology really a solution? How can we achieve resilience in the face of climate change? Is all this just a utopia?

With the assistance of future technology: artificial intelligence (AI), Trampuž created a mental tool that shows us a future, where protection of the ecosystem and social justice is a priority and where we can develop solutions for the global challenges driven by late capitalism and overconsumption, such as global warming and biodiversity loss. The AI learns from the content created by humans and therefore represents a mirror of our discourse and society. At the same time, it allows us to go beyond the familiar and enter the realm of the non-existent. Undeniably, this tool will profoundly affect our society and also our artistic and creative production. Therefore, Trampuž believes that we must explore this new technology and its meaningful applications and also warn of some harmful consequences that this technology might bring. AI was used for writing texts and generating images, which were then collaged together in the final result.
The project, which was premiered in 2023 at the Simulaker Gallery (Novo mesto, Slovenia), was produced under the patronage of the institute LokalPatriot and KonS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Arts (Ljubljana, Slovenia).


Trampuž wanted to address different age groups and spheres of the public, hence he designed the project in multiple parts. The first one is a dual-channel audiovisual video projection of dialogues and animated digital collages. They resemble real discourses happening nowadays on topics of more ecological political systems, energy production, food cultivation, housing, transport …


The second part includes short eco-fiction stories that relate to specific issues and are set in different imaginary worlds and situations of present and future time. Through them we can explore our ways of coexisting, written from the perspective of humans, as well as animate and inanimate nature. Each story, suitable for older and younger generations, is accompanied by manually composed collage, made out of AI-generated cutouts. The book also features an academic article, presenting alternative systems and good practices, written by Rok Kranjc. It is a good starting point for a deeper research on the topic.


Nejc Trampuž

Nejc Trampuž


Nejc Trampuž (1993) is a multimedia artist from Slovenia, who graduated Cum Laude and received an award for his Master’s degree in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. For the past five years, he has been actively involved in environmental and ecological projects and since 2019, he has also been an activist in the Youth for Climate Justice movement. His favourite form of expression is art collage in combination with various contemporary technologies, media and approaches. Trampuž held dozens of solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. He received multiple awards for his work.
Adrijan Praznik

Adrijan Praznik

curator / producer

Adrijan Praznik (1988) is a painter, curator, and producer. He has presented his work in numerous exhibitions, including Time Without Innocence at the Museum of Modern Art (SI) and the viennacontemporary art fair (AT). He is the artistic director of the Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto and works as a curator and producer for the project konS.
Rok Kos

Rok Kos


Rok Kos (1997) is a developer of video games and interactive experiences. After completing his studies in interdisciplinary computer science at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, he was recruited by the Outfit7 global company, where he developed mobile games that had billions of downloads. Whilst developing his own projects involving robotics, computer science and 3D printing.
Brina Meze Petrić

Brina Meze Petrić

3D design

Brina Meze-Petrić (1996) is an architect, VJ and musician. She obtained her master’s degree from architecture at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (AT). Her favourite form of expression is 3D modelling, video, comics, info graphics and collage.
Tim Kropivšek

Tim Kropivšek

sound design

Tim Kropivšek (1993) is an ilustrator, sound designer and musician. His works are usually interactive and are a commentary on contemporary society, human psyche and environmental injustice. Kropivšek is currently finishing his master studies at ALUO.
Ajda Auer

Ajda Auer

graphic design of the book

Ajda (1994) is a graphic designer whose works are based on eye-catching typography and attractive color combinations. She graduated in visual communications at the Faculty of Design, studied graphic arts at the Art Academy of Latvia, and continued her master’s studies at the ALUO.
Rok Kranjc

Rok Kranjc

academic article

Rok Kranjc is an eco-social transformations researcher, designer and translator. He is the founder of Futurescraft, a research and design studio for experiential futures, generative games and other forms of engagement with alternative economies.


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  2. GROUP: konSekvence ≡ Fragments of a Possible Ecosystem, Cukrarna Gallery (Slovenia, Ljubljana, 3 March 2023–2 April 2023)
  3. GROUP: konSekvence ≡ Velenje Gallery (Slovenia, Velenje, 7 March 2023–25 March 2023)
  4. SOLO: Discoursor 001 (a talk + an exhibition), Museum of Modern Art (Slovenia, Ljubljana, 18 April 2023)
  5. GROUP: Community.env, Gallery Y / SLOART (Slovenia, Ljubljana, 19 May—30 June 2023)
  6. SPINOFF: Visuals for Slovenian National Statehood Day celebrations (Slovenia, Ljubljana, Kongresni square, 25 June 2023)
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  8. GROUP: Adela: Parameter, Ljudmila / Osmo/za / Kino Šiška (Slovenia, Ljubljana, 20 November 2023)






Artist: Nejc Trampuž (with the aid of GPT-3/OpenAI and Midjourney)
Curator and producer Adrijan Praznik
Programmer: Rok Kos
Sound design: Tim Kropivšek
3D design: Brina Meze-Petrić
Organization and head of project: Gašper Beg, Adrijan Praznik
Programmer and advisor in the initial phase of the project: Srđan Prodanović
Technician: Maid Hadžihasanović
Video dokumentation: Pia Klančar

Acknowledgments: Anže Čanžek, Sašo Dolenc, Saša Spačal, Katarina Trstenjak, Polona Kalc, Izidor Ostan Ožbolt, Simon Gmajner, Filip Dobranić, Saša Škof, Nika Tavčar, Taj Zavodnik, Helena Vrbanac, Zavod Projekt Atol, Društvo Ljudmila, CONA | Zavod za procesiranje sodobne umetnosti
Project producer: LokalPatriot | Galerija Simulaker and konS ≡ Platforma za sodobno raziskovalno umetnost

Stories and collages: Nejc Trampuž (with the aid of GPT-3/OpenAI and Midjourney)
Introduction: Adrijan Praznik
Expert text: Rok Kranjc
Editors: Adrijan Praznik, Nejc Trampuž
Graphic design: Ajda Auer
Programmer for digitally archiving texts: Srđan Prodanović
Slovene translations: Marko Djukić, Rok Kranjc
English translations: Sunčan Patrick Stone
Slovene language editing: Jezikovna zadruga Soglasnik, z.o.o.
English language editing: Dean DeVos
Printed by: Birografika Bori
Published by: LokalPatriot, Novo mesto
Year of publication: 2023
Print edition: 150 copies
Distributed free of charge
konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art is a project chosen on the public call for the selection of the operations “Network of Investigative Art and Culture Centres”. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.